The Country Park wedding of Helen and Lee

I’ve been photographing weddings and events at the Country Park Hotel since 2010. My first wedding there was an exceptionally stormy day but despite that I still managed to get some great shots with dramatic clouds and the bridge in the background.

This time for Helen and Lee’s wedding the weather was slightly different, in fact it was the hottest recorded April day in UK history, or at least since they’ve been measuring that sort of thing.

The Country Park

The Country Park hotel is a great venue for wedding photographers because of its location nestled in the shadow of the magical Humber Bridge. The bridge, the riverside setting, decorated lawns, the beautiful light the little fluffy clouds; this venue has everything I as a wedding photographer need. Inside the hotel is pretty good too, the ceremony room is very spacious and clutter-free, it also has great natural light which makes it an excellent space for getting all the formal shots and portraits of the happy couple and their families and friends on their big day.


I have to say, both Helen and Lee looked stunning despite the heat :), and Helen’s dress was absolutely beautiful. For what became my favourite shot of the day I took them both outside for a quiet stroll, stopping to capture them on the shore of the river as the sun which was being reflected in the water slowly went down over the distant trees.

Happy newlyweds on Hessle foreshore
Bride on Hessle foreshore
Newlyweds at sunset