Lou and Paul’s wedding had already been cancelled twice because of the Covid19 lockdowns. My team and I had not worked on a wedding for over 14 months. To say we were all very excited was a real understatement.

And as a bonus, after all the rain Hull had seen over the previous weeks, it was great to be greeted by a beautiful warm sunny day for our first wedding of 2021.


Hull City Council had put in place some very strict rules for weddings at The Guildhall. Of course the rules also applied to me and my team. This made it hard for us to get the same coverage as usual but (as always) we did our best in a difficult situation.

Everyone attending the occasion with the exception of the Bride, Groom, and Registrar had to wear masks. All the guests (including us) had to remain seated throughout the ceremony. Despite the restrictions it is hard to comprehend just how excited everyone was.

After The Ceremony

After the ceremony we moved out of The Guildhall and popped across the road to shoot some formal shots and portraits in Queens Gardens. This is a great location. We then headed to the Luxe Rumour Mill in Hedon to the reception where we were able to capture the wedding party in all its glory.

We had a fantastic day with Paul and Lou who were very relived their wedding finally had taken place.

an excited bride and groom
bride and father