Kelly and Vickie’s Civil Ceremony

Ox Pasture Hall in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park calls itself ‘the most romantic and magical of wedding venues’, and from our short time there this is probably true. The venue inside and out was exactly as advertised.

Getting Ready

As always the night before the wedding was spent preparing for the day to come – cleaning our lenses, charging batteries and generally getting our kit ready. We have a routine and always try to leave nothing to chance. Lee and I use a variety of prime lenses and always carry 4 camera bodies plus off-camera lighting as well as some LED lights.

On the morning of the wedding we set-off at 10.00am so we could have a nice steady drive to the moors. We always like to leave with plenty of time to spare in case of any unforeseen circumstances.


Our journey from Hull was uneventful and we arrived at Ox Pasture Hall in good time. We met with the Manager and he was able to show Lee and I all around the venue. This was great for us. We used our personal ‘tour’ to get loads of ideas for shot locations. We really appreciated him taking the time to do this.


Kelly and Vickie’s wedding was a first for us. This was the first time we had ever covered a wedding ceremony in the open air. Luckily for everyone-involved the weather, after all the recent rain and gloomy forecast, was fantastic.

Following our tour we made our way to Vickie’s room to get some shots of her and the bridesmaids getting ready. Lee and I both used natural lighting and the LED to capture some portraits.

The Wedding

The ceremony (which Lee filmed in 4k) was at 1.00pm and was conducted in a gazebo in the beautiful grounds of Ox Pasture Hall. It was a really lovely ceremony to photograph, and Kelly and Vickie both looked fabulous.

After the ceremony it was time to get all the ‘formal’ shots. I took the main group-shot from one of the hotels bedroom windows. Whilst I used all the gear Lee spent his time catching some great moments using just natural-light.

It was great to be invited to the meal. Dinner gave Lee and I time to relax have a chat and enjoy the occasion. Following the meal we spent some time with Vickie and Kelly. We walked around the hotel and its grounds chatting happily and getting some really nice relaxed portrait shots of the ecstatic newly-weds.

Happy newlyweds at Ox Pasture Hall
Group shot of wedding guests from hotel window
happy newlyweds sitting down in black and white