I know that with my collection of Prime lenses I am able to unlock and add a unique depth and dimension to all of my wedding photography.

The art of wedding photography, of telling the story, is seen by many as a delicate dance. One in which the photographer must try to capture raw emotions, intimate moments, and grand celebrations.

I believe that to weave this narrative visually, to tell the story, to create stunning wedding photographs, experienced photographers such as myself rely not just on our hard-won skills, our sensitivity to the moment, but also, crucially, on the versatility of our equipment.

For me, the Prime lens is the essential tool in my wedding photography armoury.

The Power of Choice

Using multiple lenses helps me to tell a multifaceted story.

My Favourite Prime Lenses

The 14mm is really wide and is great for some of the architectural shots including inside the church. I use it to help capture the grandeur of a venue. It adds drama and a sense of awe to the wedding environment.

wedding ceremony inside minster

Inside the church taken with my 14mm Prime lens

The 35mm is my favourite lens because of its versatility. It’s another great lens for the wider shots and also some of the larger groups during the formal shots.. It is an immersive lens, drawing the viewer into the heart of the wedding chaos.

Newly wedded couple

Newlyweds taken with my 35mm Prime lens

The 50mm & 85mm – These 2 primes are my main ones for capturing portraits and smaller groups during a wedding. They both allow me to focus on emotions and interactions. They help me create a sense of authenticity and closeness between the viewer and the subject. The Sony ones I use also produce lovely bokeh.

Wedding couple

Happy couple taken with my 85mm Prime lens

135mm – This is Lee’s (my son / assistant) favourite lens, he uses it throughout the day to capture the more informal shots. This lens compresses the background, making it ideal for isolating key moments and details. It captures candid reactions from afar, emotional tears during speeches, and the excitement of the dance floor without being intrusive.

Wedding guest

Candid shot taken with 135mm Prime lens

My Vision

Having said all that, lenses are just tools, it is of course my vision and experience which guides their use.

The right lens at the right focal length, shapes the look, feel, and story of each image. The right lens, at the right focal length captures the essence of the occasion. It is key to telling the story/opening the book.

My collection of prime lenses help me to craft timeless photographs. Photographs which resonate with love, joy, and the unique spirit of each couple’s special day.


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